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Body Armors For Protection

Body armors are wore to protect the body from any kind of harm. Armors are designed for the people protecting us at the borders of our country; they are designed for the militaries, police and army officers and workers that keep their life in danger for us to have a protective life. We Eyetac serve our protectors with the shield of our body armors that are made with the best quality and have gone under ballistic test as well. They put their life in danger to protect us with Eyetac we manufacture body armors to give them the best protection.

Eye body armors brings to you the body armors that are light weighted, they are durable and protects from the dangers. We have a large variety of body armors for professionals like military, private jobs such as the engineering, welders, lifters etc. Our products are made from the fiber that is the world’s strongest fiber to give you the best productions from our products. Our products not only protect they also are comfortable to the wearer and the quality is unmatched. Hard body armors are the armors that are made from the world’s strongest fiber and other combination of materials for the protection of our customers. We ourselves manufacture the products that help the customers to accommodate large orders and have special run requirements as well. Under the hard armors we have a large variety of armors with reasonable prices that can be purchased by anyone for the best production. These products are constructed for the highest protection and the best quality with being light in weight. Our products go under the rigorous ballistic testing to ensure security of our customers.

We serve our customers that also work for the country our other product the Bulletproof Vest is designed uniquely to provide both protection and comfort. The bulletproof vest is made with a unique combination of materials that protect and are mostly in use of the cops, militaries; police it can also be wore by the people working on the sites to be aware of all the dangers as dangers strike silently. We also deal with the Dyneema body armor which is the most leading armors in the world. It goes under tests such as shot test it covers the chest and the back of the body.

We provide you with the wide range of varieties in the armors that give protection from the head to the toes. Eyetac also deals with the Tactical Body Armor, under these the products have been designed an offering to the low enforcement and military personnel proving them with the maximum protection with our comfortable and light weight armors. The main features of our products are that they are strong that are adjustable to the shoulder bands. They are durable as well as lightweight with the outer shell manufactured with the Cordura. We also provide pockets at the front and the back for keeping the weapons in the case of emergency. The products come with highly adjustable bands that can be adjusted with the size of the person wearing it.