The Cerebellum

by: Mona and Andreas


There is a part of your brain called a cerebellum. This part controls your Coordination, Balance and Posture. If you didn't have this part of your brain, you would have trouble walking, talking, and even doing sports. As you can tell, this is a huge part of your brain, because it contains almost half of your brain's neurons, (which is 50 billion neurons) but it only accounts half of your brain's total weight. Interesting!

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What Happens If It's Damaged?

If you damage the cerebellum you might have trouble with speech (stuttering) , and balancing. If you damage the cerebellum it would be harder to ride bikes. Your walking would also become spasmodic. It is best to try not to damage your Cerebellum because unless you were on life support, you wouldn't live very long without one.

Defintion of Spasmodic = not smoothly or roughly done., and Proir Knowledge


If your cerebellum is damaged, your doctor will either treat the condition or give you new medication. Speech Therapy is a treatment for a damaged cerebellum also. Walkers are another treatment for your coordination. Like all the brain parts of the brain, you have to reteach the cerebellum to get back to normal.

Source: and Prior Knowledge

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Take care of your Cerebellum!