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🍎🌝🍎SEPTEMBER 2022🍎🌝🍎


Hello everyone! This year we are starting our year in an exciting way greeting our returning families and many new families as well! Welcome!

This Smore Newsletter serves as a convenient way of keeping our families at Butterfly School, updated with information regarding our school. Please take time to read the newsletter each month. The updated news letter is also posted on our website.

I also encourage parents to print the school calendar which is located on the Butterfly School web site.

There have been a lot of moving pieces this summer at Butterfly School- you will notice many projects and improvements to our classrooms. We will hopefully be seeing some much needed shade covering for our playground soon!

This year, In lieu of an evening parent meeting or parent video, below are the 10 ABCs and 123s Butterfly School parents absolutely need to know. Take a moment and read through each one- I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

ABCs for Parents at RBS

The PARENT ABCs and 123s of RBS

The 10 THINGS PARENTS need to KNOW and comply with:

A. It is important to read and understand The RBS Parent Handbook. Most of the points listed below are policies further detailed in the RBS handbook. You have signed a document acknowledging your understanding of these policies.

B. For the safety of our students, parents and staff, there is a One Way Traffic Pattern, please watch Mr Bob’s video.

C. Daily punctuality for drop off and pick up is an absolute expectation at RBS. Be on Time. Chronic tardiness can be grounds for dismissal.

D. Sign in and out each day. This is a State of Texas requirement, if you forget, you will need to return to school to do so, don't forget.

E. There is a 30 day written advance notice upon leaving RBS to prevent a draft on your account.

F. Beginning in our threes classes, children should be Completely Potty Trained. That means independent and not ‘almost’.
A Completely Potty Trained child should be able to:

1. Pull down clothes

2. Get on potty

3. Use toilet tissue , clean/wipe when finished

4. Get off potty

5. Pull up clothes

6. Wash hands with soap

F. Underwear is required to be worn by all students in the threes classes and up.

G. Bathing is necessary– strong smells in small rooms are distracting.

H. We love that our families will stay a few minutes after school to let their child play on the playground. It might be helpful to stop by the bathroom BEFORE you and your child leave the building. Admittance into the building after you have signed out is not allowed.

I. We love what we do at Butterfly School and we are good at it! At some point, your child’s teacher will tell your child ‘no’. Hopefully, we will not be the first person in their lives to say that to them!

Butterfly School Traffic Safety- Mr Bob's Video

Our RBS safety team is headed by Bob Monroe or Mr.Bob.

This team of wonderful men, volunteer their time every morning and afternoon, to keep our children safe!

They also make sure our traffic flow is safe for our families as they arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon.

Next time you see one of them, be sure to tell them thank you!


---✝-----CHAPEL CHAT------✝--- Ms Chris

So excited for a new school year at the Butterfly School. The Bible has so much to teach us and stories that will amaze us. Each month I will post our Bible Verse and the weekly stories that will reinforce our verse on the Facebook page of your child’s class. So much learning fun awaits! We will start this year with "God helps us grow and learn about him" Samuel 3:19 and our first Bible Story will be an introduction to holding a bible, what it looks like, feels like and what’s inside! We will learn new Bible songs and see what stories and adventures await us this year in Chapel!

Ms. Chris

--🎵--MUSICAL MOMENTS--🎵- Ms Deborah

Our magnificent music teacher, Ms Deborah will be wearing a couple of other hats this year! Not only will she be teaching music to our school, she will be our sign language teacher for our Todds and 2s and our librarian for our 3s and 4s.

-✨-Amazing Art at Butterfly School! -✨-Ms Jennifer-✨-

Welcome back Artists!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I can’t wait to meet some new shining faces! This month we will be learning about primary and secondary colors and working on some new and exciting art projects.

🧲🧪-Sensational Science-🔍 Ms Tracy

Hi! I'm Ms Tracy and I am the PreKinder Friday Science Teacher. We have a great time exploring and discovering! I am looking forward to an amazing year with my scientists!

We will introduce our teachers in our October newsletter.





Riverside Butterfly School Staff

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These enthusiastic educators are what makes RBS an outstanding school!

These dedicated, patient professionals make a huge difference in the lives of our students everyday. Each one of these fantastic teachers play an important part in the success of our school! What a blessing they are to our children every day.

Riverside Church Staff

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Riverside Butterfly School is a Riverside church ministry. Our school shares space with our church family. We welcome you to join us for worship on Sunday.

8:45 a.m. - Acappella Worship Assembly

10:00 a.m. - Bible Classes for all ages

11:00 a.m. - Acoustic Worship Assembly


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission posts recalls to it website. RBS keeps a notebook of these recalls for you to view on the red shelf outside my office. If a toy on this list is in classroom, immediately removed,


Take a look at our Butterfly School Facebook page. Also look at our Riverside Church of Christ Butterfly School web site for more information on our amazing program.