Glenside Technology Update

Chromebooks in the Classroom


Friday, September 30th is the last day to turn in payment for Chromebook Insurance. If you have not turned in payment by 3:00 PM, your student's school-issued Chromebook will not be insured for the 2016-2017 school year.

During the first 30 days of our Chromebook Initiative, all accidents and incidents are forgiven and Chromebooks have been repaired or replaced at no cost. Beginning October 1st, insured Chromebooks will be repaired or replaced following the Insurance plan. If your student does not have insurance on the Chromebook, it will cost full price for repairs and replacement.

For all details on our Wireless Device Protection Plan, click here. para Español

For all of our 1:1 Technology Initiative Paperwork, click here.

You still have time to send $30 cash or check made out to Queen Bee School District 16 or pay online at

Looking Back

It has been almost one month since we deployed over 600 Chromebooks to our students for the very first time. Here is what our students have to say about the program so far.

85% of students like having a Chromebook at school and feel it is better than not having a digital device to work on.

89% of students felt better taking the Fall NWEA assessment on their own device as opposed to shared devices.

Many students replied that the hardest part of having a Chromebook is remembering to charge the Chromebook. We get a lot of students coming into the Tech Deck N104 to check out Chromebooks, especially on Monday mornings because they did not charge over the weekend and the batteries are dead. We only have 30 Chromebooks to loan out, so please help your students remember to charge their Chromebook every night.

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See the charts below to get an idea of how the students are using their Chromebooks at Glenside Middle School.
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Most students feel that they have access to what they need for schoolwork. Schoology, Google Apps for Education, Pearson Realize and Discovery Education Tech Books were cited most often as websites that students are using. Practice apps such as NitroType, Funbrain, and Khan Academy are also quite popular.

A large number of students requested access to online music streaming websites. Unfortunately, because streaming music can take up a large amount of our bandwidth, we have to restrict this activity to ensure all students have access to school resources during the school day. An alternative is to load music on an external flash drive and access music files that way.

Tips for Parents & Students

You can help your student be successful by reviewing the following tips and implementing them at home:

  • Find a place in the home where your student will charge their Chromebook every night.
  • Help your student remember to bring their Chromebook to and from school each day.
  • Help keep other family members such as siblings and pets away from your student's Chromebook.
  • Remind your student to keep the Chromebook in the sleeve during transport.
  • Keep food and liquid away from the Chromebook.

Looking Ahead

9/30 Last day to submit insurance payments

10/1 Wireless Device Protection Plan takes effect

10/3 Classroom enforcement of the Wireless Device Guidelines begins