Alcohol Abuse and what it can do to your body

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Do you have a drinking problem? Ask yourself these questions. If the answer is yes to any of these, you might want to seek help.

  • Are you ashamed of how much you drink?
  • Are you lying to others about when you drink?
  • Do you need to drink in order to help you relax?
  • Do you regularly drink more than what you had intended to drink?
  • Are any of your friends or family members worried about how much you drink?
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What alcohol can do to your body

  • Liver inflammation, which will lead to liver failure
  • Raises the risk for breast cancer
  • Inflammation of the pancreas, which can lead to pancreatic cancer
  • Stretching and drooping of the heart muscles
  • Weakens the immune system causing the body to be a target for infectious diseases
  • Serious mental health issues can occur
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Bones can become weak and brittle
  • Lung infections
  • Makes it harder for the intestines to absorb important nutrients
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What you can do if help and support is needed

Before it starts:

Eliminate stressors in your life

Realize the risks associated with alcoholism

Help in the early stages:

Maintaing alertness for early signs of the abuse

Monitoring alcohol intake on regular doctor checkups

Help after excessive use over a long period of time:

Rehab/12-step programs

Alcohol anonymous meetings