Joseph McCarthy

False accusations through the minions of Lucifer

In the simplest of explaination:

Born in 1908, Joseph McCarthy was a despised member of US Senate who shared his suspicion of communist American power.

Prior to career-

McCarthy was born in Wisconsin to a large Catholic family. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade for a job in agriculture, but later continued to finish highschool, then law school. In 1935, he ran his own law firm in the democrat party. After a few years of bipolar success, he decided to join the Marine corps, which finally led him to run for Senate. He was a newly born republican when he won the election in 1946. No one truely knew of Joseph's hateful opinion on communism.


Prior to the dates of McCarthy's election, there had been suspicion of communist spies working inconspicuously under U.S. government official. A vigorous campaigner, he successfully used the hype to his advantage; hosting enormous rallies against opponent spies. During this process, he spread several false accusations of citizens living ordinary lives. Without genuine disproof of the victims, Joseph was able to manipulate his audience for their support. "He continued to investigate for over two years, relentlessly questioning numerous government departments and the panic arising from the witch-hunts and fear of communism became know as McCarthyism (Oh; Latham paragraph 3)."
As McCarthy gained power, he was able to fund more investigations throughout America. This included searching within the military and government officials who obviously had to part in communism. As technology advanced, the media was able to help disprove many of these accusations, and with retorts from the military, McCarthy was slowly coming tot he end of his career.

The End

McCarthy had really put his foot in his mouth with his accusations. Media was advancing, and American was able to see first-hand how cruel and unreasonable he was acting towards his victims. Looking through his actual successes in arresting communists, McCarthy left no one imprisoned; he never found what he was looking for.

His career was ruined, and he was absolutely un-hire-able. He fell into alcoholism and drank himself practically to death.


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