Miss Seneski's Class Newsletter

March 2016

From the Teacher

Happy Spring!

It is finally spring & our classroom is blooming with learning. Students are working hard to prepare for the AIR test coming up after spring break. Please look for more information in your child's blue folder. Also our third quarter has come to an end, please look for your child's report card on Infinite Campus.

It has been a busy month in 4th grade learning about the history of Ohio, Greek Myths, fractions and angles. I hope you all have a wonderful & safe spring break. Hopefully the weather is beautiful.

With a smile,

Miss Seneski

From the Students

Language Arts

By:Olivia and Angelina G.

In language arts this month we did Greek myth projects. Greek myths teach us about different cultures and history. Our presentations were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. We also got to choose which greek myth story we want to do. We had to write a paragraph about the greek myth. We had to write a comparing, a contrasting, and a summarizing paragraph. When we presented we got extra credit if we dressed up as the character to the myth that we chose. We got 4 points for dressing up. We had 3 choices to do. 1:Create a new ending. 2: compare and contrast the book to the movie. 3:Legend vs myth. The Greek myth presentation is 36 point if you get 100% on it but if you get the extra 4 point that is 40 points. That is 110% effort. This is an A++. Some Greek myth stories are the The Golden Touch, Pandora and the box, Curiosity and the Box, The Race for Love, An Amazing Battle, The Journey to the Underworld, and Music Makes the Underworld Go Round. That is about greek myths.
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By Aidan Schwalm and Michael Skrtic

Right now in math are learning how to measure/draw angles and how to use a protractor. We are learning how to use a protractor online so we could prepare for the Air test. Also we are learning how to draw angles with a protractor. Right now we are learning how to use the outer scale and the inner scale. Also we did this thing with Lego’s it was station rotation by using fractions.We have been working on Zeal but not as much as normal because we're using online protractor websites to prepare us for testing.That’s what we are doing in math this week.
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By: Sophia and Hallie

In Technology we have been practicing what to do when we have our Air Test. On the Air Test we learned how to pull up different tools.

For example: the formula tool, notes, zoom in button and zoom out button, and strike through tool. We also learned how to end and pause the test. We cannot press any of those buttons without permission. Only the notes, formula, and strike through tool. We have been over the L.A. Test and the Mathematical Test. The entire class has been practicing what to do and where to find the tools. We have been VERY busy in Technology. That is our update for Tech.
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Social Studies

By Anthony Messina and Devin Stouffer

In Social Studies we have been learning how transportation expanded in the 1800’s. The different types of transportation were steam boats, canal boats, and trains. We are also learning about slavery. The slaves used the Underground Railroad to escape. It was not an actual railroad, the slaves used it to go to Canada where they would be free forever. Another thing we have been learning about is women's rights. One lady named Sojourner Truth gave a speech about equal rights for all people.Also Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book called Uncle Tom's Cabin to show how cruel slavery is. That is what we've learned in Social Studies.