School Safety Plan

Help Create our School's Culture for the Future

Calling all stakeholders

Become a champion for change for our school. Whether you are an administrator, teacher, parent, principal, or anyone who is a part of the school and cares about its well being, come join us as we create a new culture for the future. Below are strategies to improve school safety.

Time and Location

The culture team will meet every Wednesday from 8pm - 9 pm for 1 month at the school auditorium. Each group of stakeholders will meet together first to discuss the ideas for their vision, then have the liaisons meet to discuss each groups contribution to the culture of school safety. Each stakeholder will have the opportunity to collaborate and share their ideas to better school safety. Coffee and donuts will be provided.

About Us

School Safety Plan

Rommel Sedano

EDU 688

Professor Christine Craig

June 15, 2015


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