Soling Class Newsletter

By: Vinny, Anastasia, Shauna, and Brady

Genius Hour

In genius hour we worked on projects that we chose so we can get better at researching and we shared our posters and presentations.
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Fourth Grade Class Visit

For the fourth grade visit our class asked questions to the fourth graders to know what they do in fourth grade so we are prepared.

Star Students

The star student last week was Sal. The star student this week is Shauna.
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In P.E we are doing fun stuff like 4 square and champion ball inside because it is rainy outside.
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We are reading a lot of fun books for reading.
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End of the year bingo

We are playing the end of the year bingo to know what our classmates do or have and to have fun.
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In music we had fun and did a lot of activities.
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Field Days

End of the Year!

We had a great year! Our third graders learned a lot about teamwork, respect, and learned to be responsible students in school. As a teacher I'm sad to see them all leave for summer break today but I'm very excited to see them next year as fourth graders! Thanks for everything! Enjoy your summer!