Tech Tuesday Newsletter

November 5, 2013 Edition

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Would you like to be able to access all of your files at home without having to save them to another location to take them home, and then having to remember to update your original files after you return to school? VPN, or Junos Pulse, is the program that will make your life easier!

The VPN should be installed on your laptop already. To use it, lick on the up arrow at the left side of the right side of your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. It is circled below.

Big image
When you click on that arrow, it will bring up the icons that are hidden. Scroll over them until you hit one that says "Pulse". It kind of looks like a little gray circle.

Right click on it. You'll get three options:

Open Pulse, DCSD, Exit

Point your cursor to DCSD. Another menu box will pop up, and the first choice is "Connect".

Click Connect.

That should connect you to the DCSD network.

Big image
IMPORTANT: In order for your laptop to connect to the network and access your Z-drive when you return to school, you must follow the above directions and DISCONNECT from the program at home. Click on Disconnect instead of Connect in the image above.

Understanding Microsoft Outlook Web App - Our new internet-based email

Click on the link below for assistance in understanding how the web app works.

Microsoft Outlook Client - Another more versatile option

Outlook Client is not web-based, but is instead a computer-based version of Outlook email. This link will provide support for not only Outlook Client, but all the Microsoft components as well.
Watch this short video for specifics on Outlook Client.

A Few Reminders...

  • There are many after-school activities and visitors in the building. Please remember to lock your classroom door as you leave for the evening. Custodians have keys to your room.
  • Print only one copy of a document, unless you are printing to the office printer/copier. A copy produced by the office printer/copier is a third of the cost of printing to a black and white printer, and several times less than the cost of a copy to the color printer.
  • Documents with confidential information should be printed to the office printer/copier to ensure students will not be able to access that information.
  • When you have printed to a printer, remember to pick up your documents. Feel free to send a student to pick it up for you (if it is not confidential).

Any topics you would like to have more information or training on? Please email me. Thank you!