state Facts

Californa,Florida,New york


Name of state;california


Nickname;The golden state

Date of statehood;September9,1850

State flower;California poppy

State bird;california valley quail

State tree;sequoiadendron giganteum

3 interesting facts;1.The spanish explores thought California was an island.

2.California is the 31st state.

3.It is also the 3rd biggest state.

3 Tourist attractions1.Disney land

2.Golden gate bridge

3.Hollywood sign



Name of state;Florida


Nickname;The sunshine state

Date of statehood;March3,1845

State flower;Orange blossom

state bird;Mocking bird

State tree;palmetto palm

3 interesting facts;1.There are 67 counties in Florida

2.It is also the 27th state to join
3.Florida is the 4th rank in the world

3 Tourist attractions;1.Busch gardens

2.Tampa Bay universal studios

3.singer island

New York

Name of state;New york


Nickname;The empire state

Date of statehood;july26,1786

State flower;Rose

State bird;Eastern blue bird

State tree;Sugar maple

3 interesting facts;1.New york city has powerful influce of finance culture,fashion,entertainment

2.New york city is also known for NYC

3.New York city also has the nickname of the big apple

3 Tourist attractions;1.Statue of liberty

2.The chrysler building

3.Radio city hall

By; De´Asia Brown