Sunday Announcements

May 3, 2015


  • Phi Tau See Saw - Tuesday (May 5) and Wednesday (May 6) 11am-3pm @ Ho Plaza
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th 7pm @ Llenroc
  • SENIORS: Wine Tour May 20 (see Alyssa and Beera's announcement)
  • Kraftee's Book Buyback: May 11-15 9am-5pm @ KD house



VP Member Education - Madeline Ling (mel263)

Have fun on the slope!!

VP Operations

Hi APOs,

Please meet with your outgoing counterpart and fill out the transition form in my previous email by May 15. Do not wait until then to contact them as some sisters may be leaving earlier. The form can either be turned into my mailbox or emailed to me.

Here is the list of outgoing APOS: Committees should meet with their Chain of Command Head.


VP Community Service - Alex McClellan

Phi Tau See-Saw:

Kraftee's Book Buyback:

  • What: Every semester Kraftee's pays us to use our house as a hub for students to come and sell their books back. We get a percentage of the proceeds (which will go towards PCAA!) but if you are selling your books back, you'll get the same price the regular Kraftee's would give you.
  • When: May 11-15th from 9AM - 5PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta (109 Triphammer Road)
  • How you can help: Tell your friends! PC' 15 ESPECIALLY TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME SELL THEIR BOOKS BACK HERE! Since we are on North Campus most of our business comes from freshmen. Also, everyone else should come and sell their books back.

VP Public Relations - Maple Chen (mc2225)

Encourage your friends to sell their books back at KD next week!!! FB event:

ok bye

peace, love, runny nose,


VP Standards - Madeline Miceli

Hey Ladies!
Happy Last Week of Classes!!! Please make sure you read the Slope Day Guide I have attached. I wish you the best of luck on finals!!

Madeline <3

Trivia Q: What meal should you be sure to eat before leaving for our slope day mixer?

Secretary - Kimmi Schonhorst

Points form 1

Attention: PC 15 should start filling these out now!

Panhellenic Delegate - Josselyn Tsai

Hi everyone!!!!!! GREEK WEEK REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! Greek Week will take place next fall semester and will be a great way to meet other people in the Greek community! There will be olympics and philanthropy booths and other fun stuff. Teams will be mixed between houses (although you will have a few sisters with you). SIGN UP AND GET PUMPED
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Senior Club Chairs

WINE TOUR INFORMATION: Alrighty so this is a reminder that our wine tour is WEDNESDAY MAY 20th. As you should know, the bus is covered by our budget, but alcohol is not. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying for your own tastings. To make this as easy as possible, we need you to fill out THIS FORM BELOW and specify which tastings you would like to do.

In order to reserve your spot on the bus, you must either VENMO OR GIVE CASH TO VERA to cover the tastings you would like to do. Once I receive your payment, I will put you on THIS FORM LIST BELOW. If your name is on this google doc, you have a seat on the bus.

This way, when we arrive to the wineries we don’t have to all rush to give them cash.IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST, YOU DO NOT HAVE A GUARANTEED SPOT YET. Look at the announcment posted in your group message to get more information for each winery.


Beera & Alyssa

Other Announcements

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