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Here's What's Going On at School: Dec 14- Dec 18, 2015

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” ~Dr. Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas~

Monday, December 14

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Duckworth’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Quiet day for the last school-Monday of 2015!!

Tuesday, December 15

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Duckworth’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • PTA provides lunch for staff! Thank you PTA!!

  • MCZoo to You for Grades 3-4-5 plus special programs students

  • Santa Shuffle begins at 9:00 am and all shuffling ends at 3:00 pm! Santa Shuffle is for EVERYONE!!

  • Santa Shuffle Gift Reveal followed by Faculty Meeting - Mrs. Whitson’s Room - 3:50 pm

Wednesday, December 16

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Duckworth’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Ugly Sweater Day! Break out any and all holiday swag that screams “U-G-L-Y-You ain’t got no alibi, you’re UGLY! Hey! Hey You’re UGLY!”

  • 2nd Grade to Nutcracker at 8:50 am--back in time for lunch!

  • Lunch provided for all staff as a Merry Christmas gift to YOU!! Brisket & sides on on the menu today!

  • Holiday Sing Along in the APR at 2:00 pm

  • Winter Parties in Classrooms at 2:30 pm! Have fun!! :-)

Thursday, December 17

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Duckworth’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Winter Break Staff Birthdays: Alisha Todd on Dec 21, Melanie Miller on Dec 25, Danny Heasley on Dec 26, Leslie Hanchey on Dec 27 & Jamie Harp on Dec 31! Enjoy your very special day over break!!

  • End of 2nd Quarter! We’re halfway there!!! Celebrate!

  • Polar Express Day: Students may wear PJs & will be treated to hot cocoa in the cafeteria

  • Celebration Assembly in the APR at 2:45 pm

Friday, December 18

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Duckworth’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Diversity training for teachers at 9:00 am (may be in library or cafeteria, not sure)

  • Teachers have rest of day to work in room when training is complete!


Winter Break Monday, December 21 through Friday, January 01

Back to school on Monday, January 04, 2016

TST Meeting on Thursday, January 07

Project HATS Day on Friday, January 08

Goal Teams Meeting on Tuesday, January 12

Kindergarten Prep Program (through Parents As Teachers) on Tuesday, January 12

PTA Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 12

STUCO Spirit Day on Friday, January 15: Theme TBA

No School on Monday, January 18 - MLK, Jr. Day

Baby Shower for Kleinsassers on Tuesday, January 19

Site Leadership Meeting on Wednesday, January 20

PTA’s Jumpin’ Joey’s Night on Friday, January 22

Pre-K Story Time (hosted by Parents As Teachers) in Library on Monday, January 25 (10:00 am)

Celebration Assembly on Friday, January 29

Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, February 02

National School Counselor’s Day on Wednesday, February 03

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Recognize an SPS Employee!

Springfield Public Schools has an Employee Recognition Form that can be used by any staff member to recognize any other staff member. It's quick and easy, and means so much to those that receive them. Want to recognize a colleague? Click HERE!

Santa Shuffle is TUESDAY!

Mark your calendars! The Santa Shuffle is almost here! Tuesday, December 15th will the the day of our fun all-staff gift exchange. Here's how it works: If you want to participate, you may purchase a small gift ($10 limit) or you may find the "perfect gift" just laying around your house collecting dust! Wrap it up and bring it to school, then set it outside your classroom door. If your classroom door is a bit out of the way, you may find a different location for your gift--perhaps near others. If you have more than one person in your classroom participating, be sure you put a little tag on the wall designating where your gift belongs. All day long, shuffle gifts to your a gift you see? Exchange it, shuffle it, move it--Gifts stay wrapped up until the big reveal! Gift shuffling concludes promptly at 3:00 pm, so whatever gift is outside your door or under your name tag in the gift you'll unwrap at our big reveal party! We'll meet in Mrs. Whitson's room right after school on Tuesday, December 15th, where everyone will open their gifts and show them off! Teachers will stick around for our faculty meeting, non-teachers will be welcome to leave after the gift reveal and head on home! This is a fun day and EVERYONE is invited to participate in the fun! The more gifts there are, the more fun we have shuffling them all day long, so plan to participate!

Ugly Sweaters on WEDNESDAY!

Bust out your ugliest, funkiest, craziest Christmas swag on Wednesday! Have a wooden Christmas necklace? Wear it! Have a light-up shirt? Wear it! We'l take a staff picture at 8:30 am, and we'll have a fashion parade at the end of the Holiday Song Sing Along!
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Daily Dose of Humor: Take a Minute to Watch & Laugh!

Well, I can't close out December without a couple more SNL skits from the Holiday Season! I've saved these two for last, because they are my favorites! One is rated G, the other - probably a little more PG, but both are fun if you're ready for a laugh. Pardon the ads you'll surely have to sit through, but take a few moments during this crazy week to laugh and feel human!
NPR's Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls - Saturday Night Live
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