Teddy Roosevelt

"Belive you can and your half way there"

Early life of teddy roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858. He was born in New York, new York. He went to Harvard college. Where Teddy studied a variety of subjects including German, natural history, zoology, and composition. He also was very active in physical activities. While at college Teddy fell in love with Alice Hathaway Lee. They got married in October 1880 by the way his mother Martha Roosevelt and his wife died on the same day. In 1882 Teddy Roosevelt and his wife and daughter went to live out west and adapted to the western lifestyle quickly. He became very familiar with riding horses, hunting grizzly bears, herding cows as a rancher, and chasing outlaws as a frontier sheriff. He became a rough rider in the Spanish American war and they helped him very much.

Why is he progressive?

The Republican convention nominated Teddy Roosevelt as vice president in 1900. In September 1901, a bullet killed President McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt took his place as President of the United states. During his presidency America was in a big struggle. The country was seeking leaders who could provide a new direction. Then Teddy Roosevelt came to save the day. Teddy Roosevelt was very popular due to his status as a hero of the Spanish-American War and his belief in “speaking softly and carrying a big stick.” His famous quote. He Was very popular from the Spanish American war. He fought for small business against big business. He passed many laws such as The meat inspection act the drug act and many more. He wanted our land be protected. He lowered working hours for the factory workers and gave them higher wages and better conditions.