Envir Issues of Latin America

Mexico City

In the early 20th century, Mexico City was known for its clear skies and view of snow-capped mountains. Today, Mexico City is as one of the worst air polluted areas in the world. The air is polluted so bad, children might develop lung disease and have breathing problems when they grow up. Most days, the hazy and polluted sky blocks the view of the mountains.

Mexico City has over 19 million people live there. That makes 3 million cars!! Not to mention thousands of factories, which means even more pollution. The cars and factories send lead, carbon monoxide into the air. The older cars produce even more pollution.

Because the city is built in a bowl-shaped crater in an extinct volcano, the air is thin. That means that the exhaust gets trapped in the air. The intense sunlight helps push the smog into the air. Smog is a combination of smoke and thick fog.

The government in Mexico City is working on several solutions to this problem. First, drivers can't take their cars to work one day each week. Citizens are encouraged to take the bus, train, or carpool to work.