Hoover Elementary Family Newsletter

September 27 , 2020

Hoover Reminders and Updates:

Dismissal Update:

In an attempt to try to become more efficient with the end of the day pick up line, we are shifting number 250 and above to the green space to the north of our big parking lot (see image below). We hope that this gives more space for cars to cautiously pull in an out of the pick up spots. Please note that after 1:40, students will all shift to the center cone as we reduce staffing out front. Please also note, slightly adjusted family number ranges to accommodate new family numbers that have been distributed.

Lost and Found:

Classroom teachers will maintain a lost and found in their rooms, Additionally, for items lost outside of the classroom, we will keep a building wide lost and found in the main office. Teachers and families can contact the main office should their child have lost an item and we will check to see if it has been turned in.


We are all set for our school photos to be taken on the 29th and 30th of September. Students who are on campus in the Safe Learning Plan model, will have their pictures taken during the school day between 8:00 and 1:00.

Students who attend Hoover and are Distant Learning will be able to come to Door 1 (Main Entrance) from 3:00-6:00 either night to have their pictures taken. Families, please plan to take a picture, even if you do not plan on purchasing a package. This year, SportsPix will be taking our school photos.

Lunch and Breakfast is now FREE through the end of December.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Long Term Subs Needed for Reading Intervention and English Learner paraprofessionals. Positions are daily through the month of October and potentially into November.
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Broadband Internet Options in Mankato

This is a document isd77 has compiled to help families identify options in the area for broadband internet access. This document can also be found on the isd77.org site under COVID updates.

Greetings families,

We are reaching out to you to try and get the word out about a $3000 grant (per household) that the Minnesota State Department of Veterans Affairs is offering for Veteran families that have incurred a negative financial impact by implementing their schools hybrid/distance learning plan, or choosing to home school their children due to the current pandemic.

County Veterans Services at the Nicollet Office are receiving applications. Attached below is the grant overview that lists eligibility criteria.

Here are folks to reach out to at Veterans Affairs who can assist.








Mankato Area Public Schools' Family Academy

Monday, October 12, 2020

5:30–6:30 PM:

Nature Play (Birth–8 years) ONLINE

Presented by: Early Learning Staff

Being outdoors and in nature is associated with numerous benefits including better physical, mental and emotional health. Although the many benefits of being in nature have been researched, children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. As a parent you are the key to your child's nature play. Find out how it's changed and why. Join our presentation for ideas and resources!

Creating a High School Plan (6th–12th grades) ONLINE

Presented by: Kim Mueller, College and Career Readiness Coordinator and Holly Evans, School Counselor

Creating a high school plan engages students in their learning and builds skills for success after graduation. In this session, you will learn about a variety of academic plans that students can explore, including career pathways, college preparation, and dual credit opportunities. We will dive into Naviance and Infinite Campus to share how students and parents can work together to create a multi-year academic plan based on personal interests and strengths.

Helping Your Student Cope with Stress and Anxiety (K–12th grade) ONLINE

Presenters: Amanda Bomstad, School Counselor and Molly Fox, School Social Worker

Navigating the stress of adolescence is trying. This session will provide students and parents with tools and strategies to help manage the stress and anxiety facing teens. The following will be discussed in an interactive format: mental health data within the MN Student Survey for ISD 77; provide the signs typically associated with teen stress; cover what teens are sharing with our student support services personnel; identify the difference between normal stress and stress that is chronic in nature; as well as provide those in attendance with resources to use moving forward.

6:40–7:40 PM:

Standards-Based Grading (6th–12th grades) ONLINE

Presenters: Sarah Morrison, Professional Development Coordinator and the Director of Teaching and Learning

Are you wondering what Standards-Based Grading means and how it will impact your student’s education? In this session, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the why of standards-based teaching, learning and reporting. We will provide real examples and answer questions.

What Do I Do If My Child Is Not Reading At Grade Level? (K–8th grade) ONLINE

Presenters: Melanie Helling, Assessment, Research and Evaluation Coordinator and Rachel Moeller, K–12 Literacy Coordinator

In this session, we will cover an overview of Literacy Assessments and how to understand the results. We will also speak about how schools respond to a student’s needs regarding literacy assessments and give suggestions and strategies for supporting student literacy outside of school. To Register: Go to isd77.org and click connect and the Family Academy, or call (507)387-5501

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