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Farming is the main food supply during colonial times. First of all, animal wear used mainly for food or their fat. Second, crops wear the main food supply for the people that bought the crops and for the families. Third, the jobs would not be done without slaves. They did all the work. Finally, most food came from farming.

Animals/ live stock/ food

Farmers used animals for a lot of things on the farm. Every animal had a job. First of all, animals ware used to make candles and soap out of their fat. They got the fat from whales and other animals. Foods they ate are meat from animals if you got hungry you might grave a bowl of cereal or some totes. Sometimes they would go and catch fish. In conclusion the animals on a farm are very important for many things.


What they grew on a farm and the jobs they did. On a plantation they grew rice, tobacco, cotton, cocoa, rubber and sugar. By New England they grew corn and rye. At the vegetable garden the mother and kids attended it so everyone headed to help. When they first got there they had a hard time getting the garden to grow so they had barely enough food. But later the garage got better so they had enough for them but the neighbors. The crops are very important for them to grow. You have to tack care of them so everyone can eat.


Slaves on the farm working hard. On small farms the owner would usually work a long with the slaves. The slaves would work all day long. By the early 1800's, most wight family own slaves to do their job. The slaves would pack stuff into barrels and lode it up on the ships. If they did something wrong they mite get wiped. Finally, there's a difference between indentured servitude and slaves. Slaves worked all day long for life, but indentured servitude worked abut 6-7 years. Selves did not live an easy life, they live a hardy life.


Ware all the food came form was the moats important place the farm. First animals wear used for a lot of stuff on the farm. Next crops wear entitled every day so they had food. Finally, the crops wear entitled mane by the slaves. The food came form farming.


Hardy- to live though tufts times

Indentured servitude- a person who works for a number of years to go somewhere

Plantation- about 100 farm in one

Slaves- they worked for life


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