i wish

i wish school was over

i wish everything was free

i wish i could play games forever

i wish i was in a movie

i wish i could time travel

i wish i could do anything i wanted

i wish that i could be a computer scientist

I Am

i am kind and awesome

i wonder about school

i hear talking

i see people

i want to go home

i am kind and awesome

i pretend to laugh at a bad joke

i feel good

i touch air

i worry about my life

icry when i laugh

i am kind awesome

i understand life

i say what i want

i dream about awards

i try to make friends

i am awesome and kind


Friends are so awesome

They are fun to be around

laughing all the time

winter you can make snowforts

snow can be fun to play in

you can throw snowballs




Skillfull open minded

kind trusting friendly and nosy