Desertification in Sudan

By Anika Chaganti

What is Desertification?

Desertification is an environmental hazard and one of the worst problems the developing continent of Africa has. More than one third of Africa has desert, and it is estimated that the deserts expand more than three miles a year. Usually overgrazing, over-cultivation, and deforestation are major causes. Some of the worst effects of desertification are drought, famine, and death. But desertification is a man made problem. This problem can be stopped, but we have to make the effort.

How do we stop desertification?

To solve the problems caused by desertification we should re-plant trees and grasses, which can help stop erosion by wind and rain. If we use correct farming techniques, such as proper crop rotation, the soil will be more fertile. Also, it is important that the small shrubs and trees are fenced off so animals will not eat them. Desertification can be controlled by humans. We can put an end to it if we use some of these simple techniques.

What can we do to help?

African Desertification Prevention Program

The African Desertification Prevention Program (ADPP) is a program dedicated to helping the nations of Africa overcome the problem of desertification. For 25 years we have been going all around the continent to local villages, educating them about the risks of desertification. Each year over three miles of formerly usable land is transformed into desert. Unfortunately, not much is being done about this issue, but our plan is to get as many donations and volunteers to help the people of Africa who are facing this problem. For ways you can help, check out our website online at