Unit 6 Social Studies Project

By: Nadia Lamb

The Manifest Destiny

This painting shows different people moving towards the west. These people are Native Americans, colonists, and coal miners. The angelic figure in the middle of the picture is carrying a schoolbook and a telegraph line. She is the representation of the westward expansion becoming real. The schoolbook represents knowledge and the telegraph line represents progress. The figure shows that the expansion is supposed to happen, that it´s destiny.


Trails West

Santa Fe-- Settlers and Travelers used the Santa Fe trail for trade.

Oregon-- Fur Trappers and Settlers used the Oregon trail for land.

California-- Many people from all over would use the California trail when traveling west for its gold-mines.

Mormon-- People, Mormons, would use the Mormon trail when traveling west for religious freedom.

The Texas Revolution

American settlers moved to Texas because the Mexican government invited them to increase the population there. Settlers also moved to Texas because it was beneficial for them. In 1836, General Santa Anna brought thousands of men and attacked the Texans. They were outnumbered but held their own for as long as they could, and 200 defenders were killed. After thirteen days, the Mexicans overpowered them, but the Texans looked at the battle as a symbol of resistance and their struggle for independence. The Battle of San Jacinto occurred on April 21, 1836. Sam Houston´s Texas militia had a surprise attack on the Mexican forces and took hundreds prisoner, including General Santa Anna. For his freedom, Santa Anna had to sign a treaty recognizing Texas´ independence.
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The Mexican-American War

The causes of the Mexican-American War were that the U.S. did not want to incorporate Texas into the Union after it gained independence, because they did not want to add another slave state. Also, the Mexican government had encouraged border raids and said that any annexation would lead to war. On February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed. It ended the Mexican-American war in favor of the United States. It also gave 525,000 square miles to the United States territory. Mexico gave up claims to Texas and recognized the Rio Grande as America´s southern boundary. In 1848 from June to July, during the bear flag revolt, a group of american settlers rebelled against the Mexican government and proclaimed California and independent republic. The Bear Flag was Raised and became the official state flag in 1911. The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement between Mexico and the United States that the U.S. would buy a portion of land from Mexico that would later become part of Arizona and New Mexico.

Levi Strauss- Performance Writing on Gold Rush

Lately, my dry goods store has been packed, what with the gold rush and all. Ever since word got out that there were gold-mines in California, people from all over the place have been coming in one after the other. One day, I even had to turn some people away because I had completely sold out. It has been great business though, that´s for sure. I´ve been making good money because so many people have to come and buy dry goods so their food won´t go bad. There aren´t very many other choices for food since the journey to California takes near six months. It sure wouldn´t be good for the people who spend all this time and money to get there and not find any gold.