Gov. Regulation of Music Industry

Aaron Eason A3

The Issue and its' history

With most signed artists and musicians, record labels help the bands get equipment, recording time at studios, line up concerts, etc. For this, they receive well over half of the artists' earnings, which isn't always much to begin with. Then distributors of the albums and merchandise receive almost a quarter of the income. This lives the artists with so little of what should be their hard earned money, to divide among themselves.


Many people, namely the artists themselves, argue that record labels are receiving to much of the artists money as compensation for their "hard work". Also, being in the age where music fans can obtain what they want, when they want, there is less incentive to purchase music. People want this to change, so that the government further prevents illegal music downloading, etc.

Interview with an expert

Me: How would you say the government affects the music industry overall?

Chris: They affect lots of things, just not as much as the fans. For example, they go to pass things that prevent us from downloading music on our websites, but people are greedy, and don't want to pay for stuff, so they get shot down.

Me: What's your opinion on downloading free music?

Chris: I'm not gonna say I don't do it, we all do, because why buy a song when we can just download it for nothing? Then again, I also won't say I don't feel guilty, since I know how much it hurts the artist when everyone is doing it. But it's hard to fight that "better me than you" feeling. And the government just has bigger things on their plate to worry about than that.

Me: What else could the government do to help artists?

Chris: They could be more serious about stopping illegal music downloading, and maybe step in a little more regarding the division of money in the music industry, instead of letting the artists suffer. But really they can't do much else.

My opinion

I agree with Chris, and just about everyone else. The music industry needs to change, and the government needs to step in, not just attempt to appease fans and artists.

Record labels need to earn less profit that should for the most part belong to the artists.