Careers ISU

By: Philip Tran

My career pathway goals

My career path is to become a commissioned officer. However, in order to achieve my dream job first I had to follow the SMART goals.

My first SMART goal is the academic goal. Since commissioned officers require science, I will take all of the science courses such as: Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc. However taking all of these course is quite stressful, so I create a schedule to manage my time. Most likely, take 1.5 hours per science course at home. In order to get the job I must get at least 80% average, and have no criminal record. Fortunately I've met these requirements, however I must study more for a better chance getting the job. I want this job so badly is because, of my military history, most of my family members serves has as commanders in the Vietnam War.

My second SMART goal is the volunteer goals. Obviously, I'm planning to sign up for military Co-op in grade 12. Even these people are non-commissioned officers, it still give me experience about military. I'm not ready to sign up in grade 11 because, I still other courses to complete. However, in grade 12, my body is strong enough to do some exercise, and training. I've also volunteer as a swimming instructor to gain knowledge about leadership, and gain courage to teach any non-commissioned members in the army. I've always show my leaderships skills when I was in elementary school, and would always like to show my leadership in the government. In order to achieve this goal, I had to do some exercise, and study more about the military.