школа - Module Seven

October 12, Thursday - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в четверг?

  • We are working in "Module Seven - Школа"
  • Start with reviewing vocabulary.
  • Practice speaking with the recordings I provide in the announcements daily.
  • Attend your Conversation sessions.
  • It is time to catch up with the work in Module Six - I sent reminder messages yesterday. Check your Inbox.

Attend my office hour tonight, on Thursday.

I will hold office hours on Thursday, October 12 @8pm to help you with sentences for project. If you need help please log in.
Where: Kateryna Decker Adobe Connect

"School" project, PLEASE, READ
Look at it now and start planning your sentences as you go through the week with coach. It is built on everything are studying in this class last and this week.
  • Do not use translators. Sentences from translators give you an automatic "zero"
  • You have all the vocabulary in the class.
  • If you have trouble with sentences and were not able to to get help from coach, always let me know and I will help you.
  • Remember, you now know how to spell your name in Russian. Use Russian spelling. as for the name of your school, you do not need to put name in the translator. Just spell it with Russian letters how it should be pronounced.
  • If you can not use real school image, you can use clip art image of the school.
  • Do not include English sentences - I understand Russian :)
  • If you are doing your project in Google docs - make sure to share them with me so I can view them.
  • If you are using Apple computer, make sure to save your presentation as PDF before submitting it.
  • Audio recording: it can be one recording per page in PowerPoint or Link to Vocaroo - if possible - record all slides in one Vocaroo recording. You can use Canvas built in recording tool.
    I prefer ONLY ONE recording that has your reading of all sentences together.
    DO NOT email me your recording. It all has to be submitted via Assignment.
  • Make sure your slides are clean and organized.
  • Here is the Russian keyboard you can use.
    Below are some examples of how your project pages might look like from Caden.
Big image
Big image

Communication: Talking about School Schedule

Use the recording below to practice asking and answering questions about school schedule. Repeat with the recording as many times as it takes to say the phrases fluently.

Look at Peter's schedule and ask and answer the questions about his schedule following the example. Practice this activity during conversation sessions. To do this activity you need to review Accusative case (Module Seven Lesson 2)

Video recording to help you practice asking and answering questions about school schedule.

Что учит Пётр? - Пётр учит математику.

Когда Пётр учит русский язык? - Пётр учит pусский язык в понедельник, четверг, и пятницу.

Когда Пётр учит географию?

Когда Пётр учит историю?


Понедельник: история, химия, биология, русский язык

Вторник: география, математика, английский язык, музыка

Среда: экономика, биология

Четверг: экономика, русский язык, химия, физика

Пятница: русский язык, английский язык, история, литература

Note: When you will be talking about subjects you study for your project you need to say

On Monday I study ... В понедельник я учу ...

On Tuesday I study ... Во вторник я учу ...

I hope to hear from many of you asking for help with sentences for your School project. I have already heard from Nikiel and Kyla. You girls got a great head start on the project!

Learn Russian - Russian Study Subjects Vocabulary
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