Queen Elizabeth I

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In 1558 she took over the country after the death of her half sister. Mary had left behind many problems like the war between France and England. One other problem was religion , in her first session of parliament she created the Act of Supremacy which re-established the church of England.

In 1559 she ended the war with France and kept away from the other two superpowers France and Spain for much of her time. The Queen also listened to major problems by the people and addressed them at parliament this gave her the title of "The Queen That Supported Her People."


Elizabeth lead her country through problems such as religious issues which are still in effect today (The Church of England).

When Queen Elizabeth was ruling it is referd to the Gold Age because of all the problem that she solved like ending the war between England and France. Another reason is because of the great strides England took in technology.

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Queen Elizabeth is the daughter of George VI and she ended the house of Tudor which has ruled since the 1400s. At the present time Queen Elizabeth II is the monarchy and she is the longest ruling queen ever to take the throne.