Martha Carson's Class Newsletter

December 5, 2015

This Week

As Christmas approaches, at school we've been studying the letters Tt. We practiced writing T and t. We've talked about the sound t makes and things that begin with t, other than turkeys. We made Christmas trees! We stacked three green triangles, glued them to a paper plate, and decorated the trees with stickers, glue, and glitter. With help, we punched a hole in the paper plate, pushed yarn through the hole, and our trees were hung outside our door!

We've been counting the number of days left to our winter vacation as the number goes down each day. At Circle Time, we've been adding a straw for each day we are at school to our Days at School pocket chart! At last count, we've been at school for 75 days! We have just 9 days before our holiday!!

We practiced shaking jingle bells and singing songs for our Kiwanis Luncheon coming up Tuesday, December 8th. We heard that Santa will be there!

At Parachute Time in Mr. Rush's room, we watched Ms. Paula's Santa hat and Nadia's Curious George fly high in the air as we held on tight to the parachute and flipped them upward! We smiled and giggled with our friends. We love this time!

Coming Up This Week

The countdown to Christmas vacation will continue! Our letter study will shift to Cc. Candy canes, Christmas trees, and Christmas cards, here we come! We'll be counting the days remaining in 2015 for soon it will be a new year....2016! We hope to share traditions of our families as we learn about those others keep around the world.