South Carolina

Palmetto State

"Oh Carolina"

The name "Carolina" originated from the Latin word "Carolinus" meaning "of Charles." This takes us back to whom it was named after, which was King Charles 1 and King Charles 2 of England. In 1670, the first European settlement in the expanse was in Charles Town which was subsequent changed to Charleston.

Managing a colony

The first city my family and I first settled in Carolina was Charles Town which was one of the most popular settlements in the state, while other people settled in Cape Fear and Albemarle. All of these settlements were long distances away from each other which was very time consuming to travel and that was another reason why we settled in one place. We arrived with other people as the first settlers in 1670. The scenery was absolutely beautiful with a tropical climate, and incredible soil which was perfect for our gardens. As many of us Europeans arrived, the Indian Tribes were in competitive mode to trade with us. The Indians were fighting for our goods as we were fighting for a monopoly over Indian products. The Westos then fought their way in the trade process by offering us Indian slaves. The Indian slaves were the most valuable merchandise to us. For forty years, the Yamasees were reliable trading partners to us till we cheated them out. As time went on, things became violent and we went to war against the Yamasees. The Yamasees had killed 400 of our people and forced us to abandon frontier settlements. Our colony was a political economy based on trade, plantation agriculture, and slavery.