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Imagine the fresh spring air, birds singing in the morning and flowers about to bloom. Imagine cute red cottages and a beautiful lake surronded by forest. Now add 80 AIESECers, days filled with inspiring sessions, interesting conversations, networking, fika and fun! This is how you could spend one of your weekends in April and it's an opportunity not to miss!

IMPACT is the biggest conference of AIESEC in Sweden and this year it is happening in Gothenburg between 10th - 12th of April. The conference will start with the Y2B followed by the conference itself. Apart of participating in interesting sessions you will also get the chance to meet AIESECers from all over Sweden and learn from their realities and experiences and together make the last push for 14/15 and make your impact.

Check out the first delegate booklet for more information about the conference!

The subscription deadline is 13th of March, so sign up right away to secure your spot at the conference!
IMPACT Subscription Form

Deadline 13th of March

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The past weeks Manuel has been missing from the MC office and instead been traveling around Sweden to different LCs. During his roadtrip he has supported the local operations and ensuring that we're creating the biggest summer peak for Global Citizen ever and that we're going to deliver even more exchanges.

"Traveling around to three cities has been an amazing journey and after being in close contact with the LCs I fully trust that they will perform the necessary actions to ensure that we're going to deliver a lot of experiences and reaffirm the relevance of AIESEC in Sweden."

- Manuel


In the beginning of February our MCP Anna and MCPe Francis left Sweden to attend IPM, the International Presidents' Meeting.

"First the International Presidents' Meeting was supposed to be in Vietnam, and one week before it was moved to Cambodia. We started the conference at the Genocide Museum in Phnom Pehn, and were here reminded of what the country, Cambodia, had been through - and more importantly how far the country had come since then. This set the tone for the conference, where we elected the new President of AIESEC International, Ana Saldarriaga, were put through powerful workshops and leadership sessions, and more importantly; got to connect and re-connect with the purpose of AIESEC and why we do what we do.

We strive for "Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind's Potential", because we want a world where war, fear, and hate will no longer be present. Are we there? No! Can we get there? Yes!

And what we did was talk. A lot. Talk about how we can put our words into action, and what stories we already have that are our "Generation 2015" stories - stories of significant change, stories of kindness, bravery, and above all unconditional love for others.

And I take this with me from IPM - that no matter what happens, we shall not judge, but seek to understand each other, and find the best solution towards peace."

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Much love,

Your MCP - Anna

LCP Election and EB Applications

The first half of the national board of Presidents for 15/16 has been elected and we are proud to present the following brave individuals that will lead AIESEC in Sweden:

AIESEC in Umeå - Melanie Martínez

AIESEC in Lund - Elena Liski

AIESEC in Jönköping - Robert Szotyori

AIESEC in Gothenburg - Zarah Caraan

AIESEC in Stockholm - Mikael Åström

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But an EB is not complete without the VPs. The VP elections are ongoing all over Sweden and this is your opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and develop like never berfore! Check out below to find the election dates of your LC!

Lund - Closed!

Keep your eyes open for the opportunity of VPOGX.

Kalmar - Contact the current EB for more information.

Gothenburg - Open!

Application deadline: Today!

Election: 19th of March

Jönköping - Open!

Application deadline: 24th of March

Election: 27th of March

Linköping - Contact the current EB for more information.

Stockholm - Open!

Application deadline: 15th of March

Election: 18th of March

Uppsala - Open!

Application deadline: 16th of March

Election: 30th of March

Umeå - Open!

Application deadline: 13th of March

MC Election

The MC team for 15/16 has been elected, but! There is still one person missing to complete this team. The elections for the next MCVPOGX is happening right now and keep your eyes open on 11th of March to find out who will join Francis and his three ladies for the challenges and opportunities of 15/16!

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TCS Nordic partnership

Our global partner Tata Consultancy Services are launching a new partnership with the nordic countries. This amazing opportunity is for IT graduates that will get the chance to go to India for 12 months and develop their practical skills in the biggest company of India. This is not only a partnership with one of our global partners, but it is also special because TCS will be able to be physically present to promote and raise awareness about this internship together with AIESEC. This will be the only partnership for Global Talent this semester, so let's raise EPs like never before!

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Become a Global Citizen!

As a member of AIESEC we are every day selling our products to students, and still we haven't actually experienced it ourselves. Why not go to Brazil this summer and organize conversation groups in English about relevant subejcts for professional and personal development as well as global issues of today, or analyse and develop the organization of a NGO. Use this summer to make an impact and do something memorable.

Don't forget that if you have had an leadership experience in AIESEC (VP, TL) you will get 2500 SEK in discount for Global Citizen and 4000 SEK in discount for Global Talent, and as LCP you get a full discount of 100%.

For more information about these opportunities and many more contact your local VPOGX.

So who here is going on exchange?!

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AIESEC Monthly quiz


Q1. What does PAI stand for?
Q2. Who is the current PAI and who is the elected PAI for 15/16?

Find out if you got the correct answers in the next newsletter!

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