Automotive Engineer


Automotive engineers design cars and automobile systems for companies such as Toyota, Ford and BMW. They work on all physical aspects of the car, developing new technologies, improving fuel efficiency and generally making cars safer and more profitable. This career is ideal for creative individuals who love working on cars and have excellent science, math and problem-solving skills. Entry-level positions for automotive engineers require at least an undergraduate degree in engineering.

Job Description

Job Description:

  • 1) Develops improved or new designs for automotive structural members, engines, transmissions, and associated automotive equipment or modifies existing equipment on production vehicles, and directs building, modification, and testing of vehicle, using computerized work aids: Conducts experiments and tests on existing designs and equipment to obtain data on function of and performance of equipment.

  • 2) Analyzes data to develop new designs for motors, chassis, and other related mechanical, hydraulic, and electromechanical components and systems in automotive equipment.

  • 3) Designs components and systems to provide maximum customer value and vehicle function, including improved economy and safety of operation, control of emissions, and operational performance, at optimum costs.

  • 4) Directs and coordinates building, or modification of, automotive equipment or vehicle to ensure conformance with engineering design.

  • 5) Directs testing activities on components and equipment under designated conditions to ensure operational performance meets design specifications.

  • 6) Alters or modifies design to obtain specified functional and operational performance.

  • 7) May assist DRAFTER, AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN in developing structural design for auto body.

  • 8) May conduct research studies to develop new concepts in automotive engineering field.

Pay Scale and Where jobs are available

Automotive Engineer 2013 Total Pay (?)

$38,388 - $106,360