Evolution of Communication

Flyer by Logan Kramer

Verbal Communication

Well before written communication existed, stories were passed down through the generations using verbal storytelling.

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Symbolic Communication

Symbolic communication first appeared around 30,000 BCE as cave drawings. It progressed to include petroglyphs around 10,000 BCE and pictograms in 9,000 BCE. Even today, we use symbolic communication in the form of ideograms like numerals and Chinese characters.

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Written Communication

Written communication was first introduced around 2700 BCE, and the alphabet we use today appeared around 1700 BCE. The use of written communication increased drastically with the invention of the printing press and typewriter.

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Although we usually think of communication as oral or written, non-verbal communication was important in the evolution of communication.

Non-verbal communication consists of sounds sent via drums and other musical instruments, as well as smoke signals that could alert someone of danger or send them a message even if they were far away.