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Homework Over the Break!

Hi Families!

Well, we are here at the end of 2013 for school. It seems amazing! It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know all of the young people connected to your lives and watch them mature in the weeks that have followed since the first day of school.

Over the break they each have winter break work in EVERY core class. In science, their work is to complete three parts of their science fair project: question to investigate, procedure to follow and collecting ALL data. The first two pieces were assigned earlier in the week and are currently in revision mode. The last piece is what each student is to do over the break!

After School Tutoring!

Ms. Harris will publish a new tutoring schedule in January. Until then, please be sure to encourage your student to come receive extra help if he or she needs it.


January 7 - First Day of School after Winter Break!