Nick Hanson & Noah Beer

Constitutional Requirements to be a President

  • Must be a Native Born U.S Citizen
  • Must be at least 35 years of age
  • One must live in the Unites States for 14 years

Benefits, Perks, and Salary of being President


  • $400,000 annually


  • Secret Service Protection for 10 years
  • You have complete control of executive power
  • In a time of war the president becomes the head of the military

Constitutional Powers

  1. Serve as commander in chief of all U.S. armed forces
  2. Commission officers of the armed forces
  3. Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses (except impeachments)
  4. Convene special sessions of Congress
  5. Receive foreign ambassadors
  6. Take care that Federal laws are faithfully executed
  7. Wield the "executive power"
  8. Appoint officials to lesser offices
  9. Make treaties
  10. Appoint ambassadors, judges, and higher officials
  11. Approve legislation

Noah and I think that the most important power is approving legislation because the final step in the process is he President and if he approves it becomes law. Creating a new law is something that is very important.

Character Traits

Decision Making: I think decision making is the biggest trait a president should have because they are making different decisions everyday and if they are not able to do that they are not suitable for being a president.

Facilitate: To facilitate meetings where you get the best information is another good trait a president should have.

Trust: Being a trustworthy president is something that a president must have.

Negotiate: Being able to negotiate in trades and other circumstances is a strong trait to have as a president.

Personality: Having a good personality will not only make the presidency more fun but also will make the presidents peers more excited for him to be the president.

Gun Control

As President of the Unites States I will allow guns to people under some circumstances. To be able to carry a firearm I think that the person should have their fire arm license and the also should have a background check done on them. If the person has any bit of a criminal record they should not be able to carry a gun. This will keep our nation safe and secure.