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Hello Goodhue Wildcats!!!

Happy Monday!!

What a weekend! A great Saturday...hope you were all able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The rain on Sunday will help everything green up and grow! The weather is going to be beautiful this week! Make sure you are able to get outside and take advantage of it...ride your bike, go for a walk, play catch, play with your dog! There is so much to do to be moving and active. It is so good for your physical and mental health...especially during this crazy time in life.

I have added a field day packet to my page. Since we will not have our swim day the last day of school, I have given you a field day packet that you can do on your own or with family. Challenge each other and then let me know how you did! You will need to click on the google link on the top right of the google slides sign in section.

Keep sharing with me the things you are doing to stay active. Physical activity is so good for our physical and mental health!

Thank you to those that made the jumprope out of plastic bags! Loved seeing the videos of you jumping! If you haven't tried it yet, the directions are on this page.

Keep filling out those journals and letting me know how you are doing and what you have been up to!

I miss you and hope to see you all soon!!!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Keep on Moving!!!

Mrs. Austin

Goodhue Wildcats Field Day

Monday, May 18th, 8am to Friday, May 22nd, 11pm

This is an online event.

Choose the activities (some or all) you would like to try and keep track of how you do! Grab you family and have them participate too!!! Make sure you take pictures or video or both and send them to me so I can see what activities you picked!!!!

Have Fun!!!!

Field Day Events slide show

Field Day Events Scorecard


  • Wheelbarrow Races

    Divide kids into pairs for some classic wheelbarrow racing fun! If you have two real wheelbarrows to use, the rules are simple enough: just have one kid from each pair sit inside and let the other push as they race to the finish line.

    No wheelbarrows? Play the old-fashioned and create a human wheelbarrow. Have one child get on their hands and knees, and another lift them by the feet. The two have to work as a team—one with their feet and the other with their hands—to get to the finish line as fast as they can.

    You can also have a relay race with real wheelbarrows. Have players take turns transporting something inside, such as a pile of dirt or set of gardening tools, to the other end.

  • Ready, Set, Recycle!

    Recycling is an important lesson that kids can learn at any age. It's something that they can put to use the rest of their lives and making a game out of it can create a lot of fun memories.

    To set up this game, you will need to line up a few empty bins and label them for different types of recyclables (e.g., glass, plastic, metal, etc.). Gather two collections of recyclable items that include at least one thing to fit each category.

    Divide players into two teams and give each team one set of recyclable materials. Have them line up several feet away from the bins.

    To play the game, have one player from each team select an item, run it to the bins and drop it into the correct one. They must then run back and tag another player in line who then grabs the second item and drops it in a bin. This continues until all of the items have been sorted into the correct bins. The first team to finish wins.

  • Nature's Hopscotch

    Hopscotch is a simple, traditional outdoor game. It usually requires a piece of chalk and a concrete surface on which to draw the board. This version of the game, however, is inspired by nature, and therefore uses natural elements to form the board.

    To start, have the kids collect a bunch of sticks, rocks, and leaves. Help them arrange the materials in the pattern of a hopscotch board. Once the board is done, they can use a rock to toss and play hopscotch as usual.

  • Earth Day Tic Tac Toe

    Like the hopscotch game, you can use the same method of natural grid-making to create a board for a game of human tic tac toe.

    You will need at least 10 people to play, so this game is best for a large group, but adults can join in the fun. Using your found objects, create a giant tic tac toe board on the lawn and divide the group into two teams. Each person becomes a marker, acting as either an "X" or an "O," depending on which team they're on.

    The game is a lot of fun and sure to inspire smiles from everyone. You can play quite a few rounds, giving a nature-inspired prize to the winning team.

  • Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

    Hero Images/Getty Images

    A scavenger hunt is a great group activity that kids of any age will enjoy. You can play in your backyard or take this game to a park.

    Before they head outside, have the kids make a list of natural elements that are commonly found in nature such as twigs, leaves, blades of grass, stones, flowers, etc. Make two copies of the list, divide the players into two teams and hand them each a list along with a basket for their found objects.

    The first team to return with all of the items on the list wins the Earth Day scavenger hunt.


You can make a jumprope using plastic bags.


Great for enhancing teamwork and fitness, Pin Up is a winner! This game can be played with one or multiple people! Let us know what you think.

Soccer Bottle Flip Challenge

Kick and flip. It’s that simple. Or is it?

Here’s the challenge:

Balance a water bottle on a soccer ball.

Kick the soccer ball, sending the water bottle up, over and land it!

Try different angles, surfaces, and water levels inside the bottle. Try this challenge and let me know if you’re successful.

Good luck and remember to stay active, it makes every day better!!

Laundry Basket Slam

You can use laundry baskets, buckets, cardboard boxes. Be creative, as long as you have 2 of the same objects. The video shows a frisbee and a ball but you can use any object as long as you have 2 of the same.

Design your own backyard obstacle course using prepositions!!

Michael Jordan

Last night I watched the first 2 episodes of Michael Jordan's documentary THE LAST DANCE. For those of you that may not know who Michael Jordan is, he is one of the best basketball players ever. I have shared a video of his book Salt in his Shoes. It will tell you about his life and how he got to be so good. He practiced, practiced and practiced some more.

I have also added his top 10 rules for success. We have talked in class that if you want to be good at something, you need to keep trying. Michael Jordan is proof of that. My challenge for you this week is to find something you want to get better at and start practicing! Let me know what you choose!

Salt in his Shoes

This book was written by Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M Jordan, illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Here is a list of cardio videos that you can choose from. Try to do one of these every day.


AVENGERS fitness warm up

Here is another AVENGERS workout. A fun workout with a little more choice!

JUSTICE LEAGUE fitness warm up

Another Tabata workout with your choice of activities!

Move Like the Avengers

This is one of my FAVORITE ones!


10 minute chair yoga

This is a good activity to help students relax and calm down their mind and body.


Kindergarten and First grade movement activities

Workout to the Letter Sounds

This is great for learning letter sounds and words.

Body Bop

An action song by The Learning Station

Move it and Freeze

An action song by Jack Hartmann


The Learning Company


This is a Jack Hartman dance song!

Optional skills review videos: