iPad Update - November 1, 2012

Update Notability

Notability 4.4 came out yesterday. You should update your app. You will not need the school's Apple ID to update your app. Update your app at home, please. I'd like to save on bandwidth today!

In the new update, you'll see that they've made the writing tools easier to get to when you are using the zoom tool. As you might remember, the zoom tool is my favorite feature in Notability.

The update also allows you to send notes to your Google Drive. To set this up, go to the library and select the Settings gear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Select Google Drive. You will be prompted to enter your email address (school email address) and password. Once that's set up, when you want to send a note to Google Drive, all you do is select the Power Share button and choose Google Drive as your destination.


Check Your Storage

Your iPad has 16 GB of storage space. Because you are limited to that amount of storage, I need you to monitor your own storage.

To check how much storage you are consuming already, open the Settings icon. Next, select About. Look about midway down the list until you see Available. If that number is less than 8 GB, you should be concerned.

If you have less than 8 GB, check and see how many pictures and videos you have stored in your camera roll. That's the first place to start cleaning out and making room for your school related stuff.

If you're not sure about how much space you have left on your iPad, come by the library before school and I'll be glad to take a look.



I've had several come in this week needing help turning in assignments from Notability to eBackpack. Those of you in Algebra 1, are pros at this, so you can ignore the rest of this newsletter.

We updated eBackpack over a month ago. When we did that, the process for turning assignments in from Notability changed. We no longer use WebDAV to turn assignments in. Follow the steps below to turn an assignment in from Notability to eBackpack.

1. Select Power Share button (notes can be unfiled!)

2. Select Open in option

3. Select the blue Open Note in . . . button

4. Choose eBackpack

5. Select the Assignment Turn-In folder

6. Choose the appropriate class folder (look for the blue copy button)

Notability to eBackpack Assignment Turn-In