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How To Wash Your Scuba Diving Gear

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The most important things that you can learn from scuba diving is to wash your scuba diving gear. It can be most significant to keep your own gear to get maximum life span and ensure your gear works properly when diving. The best way to prepare your washing station is to fill a big bathtub at home with fresh water. You can use two tubs; one tub is used for general gear like boots, wetsuits and other gear while the other tub used for specialist gear like dive watches, cameras and diver computers etc.

Dive camera and computer
Wash your dive camera with clean freshwater and not the same water you have washed your other gear as detergents and sand will probably damage your sensitive gear. Soak this gear for a longer time and press each of the switches make sure there isn't any salt trapped. If possible brush the surfaces with a toothbrush to clean it better, although avoid about the sensors or even lenses area because it might damage it.

Wetsuit and Gloves
Wetsuit and gloves required to be washed in freshwater and you also add a wetsuit detergent. Submerge this gear in the water and turn them inside out too and keep washing until clean. Once they are clean hang out and allow to dry out.

Snorkel, Fins and Mask
All other types of dive gear should be submerged in fresh water, keep washing until clean and then hung up to dry out.

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