Guglielmo Marconi

by Sam Dixon

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Early Life/Childhood

April-25,1824 Bologna, Italy-Marconi was born to two loving parents one being an Italian nobleman, his mother being a Scot/Irish woman. He had an early interest in science and electronics. He was privately educated in a lab in Bologna, Italy. He had one brother: Alfonso, and a step brother: Luigi.

Early Experiments

He began to do his early experiments in his attic in his house in Pontecchio , Italy. Where he , with the help of his butler used radio waves to create a wireless signal.


  • 1909, Nobel Prize in physics
  • 1918, Franklin Institutes's Franklin Medal
  • 1929, made a marquess
  • 1931, John Scott Medal
  • 1977, inducted into the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame
  • 1988, inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame

His Invention

He invented the first radio and started a revolution of wireless devices.
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His Inspiration on the World

He inspired a whole new industry of wireless communication and has left a technological footprint ion the world. He has helped save lives and helped communicate with his invention.

Personal Life

He married Beatrice O'Brien and had three kids four kids : three daughters: Degna (1908–1998), Gioia (1916–1996), and Lucia (born and died 1906), and one son Giulio.

Later Years

He later died in Rome, Italy of heart failure in 1874.