Our Week in 4th Grade

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Hester, Mrs. Schranz

This Week in Math

Unit 4: Fractions and Decimals

Students will dive in to decimals this week. They will look at decimals in the tenths and hundredths place. They will be able to represent them with a visual model and convert from a decimal to fraction and fraction to decimal. Students will continue to do PARCC practice problems in preparation for the upcoming assessment.

IXL Topics:

Topic T: Multiply Fractions

Topic U: Decimals

This Week in Writing

Unit 4: Informational Writing

Students will be completing their informational books on Chicago this week! These will be shared during Education Fair. In addition to our books, students will be working in groups to create a Kahoot quiz based on the information they gathered. They will be creating their own questions and answer choices. Students will then use an iPad to play the Kahoot quiz and learn more about Chicago.

This Week in Reading

Unit 5: Colonial America

In reading class, we've been busy getting ready for the PARCC test, which will begin next week. We are also continuing to study about Colonial America. The students took the STAR reading test so they all now have new reading goals and new AR colors/levels. We are continuing to practice idioms, which has been so much fun.Tuesday of this week, the students, who have earned their AR goals from 3rd quarter, will be watching an AR movie while cuddling up with their stuffed animal that they will bring from home.

Please continue to have your child read 35 minutes daily to be sure that he/she is making their weekly reading goal!

Thanks for your support.

Daily Homework

Reading: read for 35 minutes

Math: practice facts for 10 minutes, practice with Xtra Math, IXL and Prodigy

Important Dates

Tuesday, April 5: AR Party

Wednesday, April 6: Picture Day

Monday, April 11: PTO Meeting at 6:30 in the LRC

April 12-14: PARCC English/Language Arts Assessment

April 18-19, 21-22: PARCC Math Assessment