Optimal Learning Environments

What effective teaching and learning looks like in #BTPS28

Connecting our work

The purpose of this document is to:

  • provide a link between our BTPS Mission, BTPS Teacher Effectiveness Framework, and Division Goals,
  • support thinking and planning as we move forward with supporting and creating Optimal Learning Environments for staff and students,
  • bring to life our jurisdiction's vision for learning.

In #BTPS28 we believe that effective teaching and learning can only happen when an Optimal Learning Environment is in place.

In an Optimal Learning Environment, the social and emotional elements of learning are prioritized and understood to be the foundation of academic success and personal well-being. Optimal Learning Environments begin with a positive, productive school climate and provide intellectually and emotionally safe, stimulating classroom communities that are personalized and co-constructed by adults and students. They are characterized by kind, caring, and respectful adult, adult-student, and peer relationships that cultivate a culture of belonging and foster academic, social, and emotional skills. Optimal Learning Environments reflect a belief that all students can achieve high standards. Within an Optimal Learning Environment, the diverse needs of each learner are addressed with an ever-present attention to equity and continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.

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Adelee Penner - Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Buffalo Trail Public Schools

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