A tough journey

by autumn dubois


The pilgrims came over on the mayflower and arrived at a new land. Coming over wasn't easy because they were on a ship that was not even meant to carry people. Once the pilgrims got to there destination they built one big house that they use in the winter for a hospital. Once the winter was over half of the pilgrims had died and they met Indians the Indians taught them how to grow crops and other foods. Coming over on the mayflower was harsh but they made it to the new land.

Coming over on the mayflower

coming over

Pilgrims coming over on the ship called the Mayflower in 1620. The pilgrims wanted to be apart of the Virginia compact but their ship blew off corse and landed in Plymouth Massachusetts. Since they landed in plymouth they were apart of the Mayflower compact. They were blew off corse because of all of the harsh storms and all of the big waves that hit them. The pilgrims coming over did not have a good start but they had a good ending.

Surviving the winter

Soon after they landed winter began to start. When the winter began Pilgrims died and which was from scurvy ( lack of vitamin C. ) The Pilgrims built one big house and in the winter the pilgrims were using it for a hospital. The Pilgrims also built tiny houses that families were living in the other Pilgrims stayed on the ship. The pilgrims may have made houses but they also have lost some of their tribe.

meeting Squanto

It wasnt long till the Indians were spotted. Squanto's one of the Indians would help the Pilgrims survive in the new land. Squanto's and his tribe taught the Pilgrims how to plant crops and other crops. Since there spring was so successful, They celebrated with the Indians. Thats what happened when the Pilgrims met the Indians.


When the Pilgrims came over they were on the Mayflower and landed in the New land. It wasn't easy coming over also because they went on a ship that wasn't meant to carry people. They got to there destination then they built on big house also they used the house as a hospital in the winter. When the winter was over half of the tribe had died. It wasn't easy coming over but they made it to the New land.