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YOU matter-Sharing the Student Voice on A Global Platform

Tech will come and go, but relationships will be what lasts.

The core of everything is how we treat people. That is the foundation of everything we do.

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Global Collaboration Projects-Pernille Ripp

Pernille Ripp has had experience in 4th, and 5th grades. She is currently teaching 7th grade ELA. She is the author of two books, with her third due to be published soon. I had the opportunity to hear her at NCTIES last week. She spoke of her work in global collaboration and the reason she has done this work with her students. Pernille states, "This is about opening the audience, so students' voices can be heard."
She speaks of three paths to choose:
  • pre-existing projects
  • work with peers in your building or through Twitter
  • create your own
Check out her great ideas!

Pre-Existing Projects She Spoke Of...

---World Book Day http://www.worldbookday.com/

---World Read Aloud Day http://www.litworld.org/wrad/

---Project by Jen http://projectsbyjen.com/

---Save Our Rhinos, traveling rhinos http://saveourrhinos.wikispaces.com/

---Global Read Aloud http://theglobalreadaloud.com/, annual event 565,000 students

---Digital Human Library, http://digitalhumanlibrary.com/ field trip experience, Skype K-12 and it's free

---Skype in the Classroom, https://education.microsoft.com/skypeintheclassroom access to experts, there is a sign up with experts--revolving, so the experts change, connections wanted board

---Mystery Skype https://education.microsoft.com/connectwithothers/playmysteryskype

---Quadblogging, out of England, connecting, sign the classroom's blog up and he will partner you up with three other classrooms, blog tours, and usually two of them are from England---1st grade??? http://quadblogging.net/

---Global Cardboard Challenge-one day in October, bring in tons of cardboard and have them create it--I LOVE THIS ONE!! http://cardboardchallenge.com/

---Global School Play Day- Feb. 1, 2017--http://www.globalschoolplayday.com/, unstructured day--no devices. Play nurtures brain connections.

---International Dot Day--Sept 15th-ish....http://www.thedotclub.org/dotday/

---Global Math Challenge--2017, https://www.global-math.com/. Math games against other classrooms, map of where the other children are.

---make a classroom/professional Twitter Account, tons of authors will connect with classes through Twitter--want to do this, need help? Let me know!