Stories Behind the Asana

With Jace at Studio Samadhi Roanoke

Saturday, October 11th 1-3:00pm

Ever wonder why why we bring our hands to our heart for Anjali and Namaste mudra? Or, why we are fierce in Warrior Poses? What about the poses named after animals; like camel or down dog? You might know what mountain pose or Tadasana but do you know where it came from or why we practice it? Behind each pose and the shape you are creating with your body is an ancient story about a god, sage or sacred animal. The characters in the stories represent aspects of ourselves, making these stories not only instructive but also entertaining. Knowing and understanding the meaning behind the poses with help students of all levels take their practice to a deeper level.

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 1-3pm

Studio Samadhi Roanoke