This week's top pics from IE Communications Team

Pictures and Movies

ROBERTO: Not the best place

Or the right moment. Sometimes chance or Murphy's law, as you wish, can make very funny compositions when it comes to ads. It can be due to the newspiece they're next to, to the place where they're placed, or to a funny optical effect. Watch this hilarious gallery here.

JUNCAL: Bye Bye Dolce Vitta

Cinecittá is one of those background elements of the cinema history that you think are going to stay forever there, they are just a element of it. But that can't be further of truth as we see how this mitical studio, where Fellini did most of his films is going bankrupt and may finish as a mall. Read it here

VERÓNICA: Miniatures

Old pictures from a 60s city wherever in the States. That's all those pictures tell us. What is our surprise when we realize they're all miniatures!! See the work of this amazing photograph that not only takes the pictures, he build them too. You can watch them here.

FELIX: Aesthetic Consumerism

“Needing to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced by photographs is an aesthetic consumerism to which everyone is now addicted” Susan Sontag says about Visual Culture and the Social Web. Read it.

Media World

KERRY: Cynics? Not so much

This is what Upworthy does: It finds stuff on the internet, identifies it as somehow meaningful or socially redeeming, adds a killer headline and a trace of description, and then gets lots and lots and lots of people to look at it. Find how they work in this article.

MAITE: Smileys

Each time, more and more, we use these little yellow faces to explain, in a minimum space, what is our mood in the moment. But, maybe, this is not such a good idea, and can lead to confusion. Find why and how in this article.

ALEJANDRA: Art, in 140 characters

Art is nowadays very ingrained with technology, and Museums, all over the world follow this trend getting in to the Twitter frenzy. A beautifull and amazing way to connect to those who may love art, but are not experts on it. And this week, this come to light with the #MuseumWeek initiative. Find about it.

Good HAbits

MARTA: Zzzzzzz

Spaniards don’t sleep enough. We are, after Portuguese, the Europeans that go the latest to bed. More than a half go to sleep well into midnight, some even after one in the morning. And that is not healthy. Find how to change your sleeping patterns here.