GWSS Social Justice Award

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DEADLINE: December 10, 2013 at 4:00pm

The Social Justice Award is for undergraduate and graduate majors and minors who are developing scholarly projects that raise awareness about social justice issues and maintain connections between Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies and the social and political movements that catalyzed the field's formation, as well as its realization in the 21st century. This includes movements to challenge class, race, gender and other forms of domination, oppression, and exploitation. Examples include but are not limited to globalization, indigenous struggles for sovereignty and citizenship, and building local and transnational alliances to challenge injustice.

Awards are not based on past achievements but on future potential. This means that the projects can and should be used to plan activist-oriented programs.

Students who wish to apply for this award should write a two page proposal that reflects deep understanding and commitment to a social justice issue. The proposal should be grounded scholarly research and analysis completed in GWSS within the last 3 years.