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Sarah Demers

Answer to #1: Economic freedom can effect economic growth and innovation by creating new ideas and taking risks with your business.

United Kingdom (Developed Country)

Economic Efficiency: The UK would like for people to consider entrepreneurship. The price for starting a business and employment is moderate.

Economic Freedom: Economic freedom is rising in the UK. The majority of the UK is free. Since the UK is a pretty wealthy country, many of them have the money to start their own successful business.

Economic Security & Predictability: The UK prepares for an economic disaster by encouraging their people to have their basic necessities and essentials.

Economic Equity: 20% is the corporate income tax rate and 50% is the personal income tax rate. The UK has a lot of money compared to other countries.

Economic Growth & Innovation: The UK is discussing trade opportunities with other countries. They are creating new jobs for people. Big cities in the UK booming with businesses which is creating new jobs.

Madagascar (Less Developed Country)

Economic Efficiency: The government of Madagascar is not doing a good job with controlling their natural resources. They are also short on natural resources.

Economic Freedom: Since money is short and Madagascar has a lot of poverty, they are unable to start many businesses. People there would not have enough money to start a business and keep it up successfully.

Economic Security & Predictability: Madagascar does not receive foreign aid at this time. There has been an ongoing food security issue. They do not have the resources to survive a economic disaster. This country can also have many natural disasters.

Economic Equity: Madagascar is a poor country, so money is minimal. A lot of Madagascar is experiencing poverty. There is not an equal distribution of wealth.

Economic Growth & Innovation: Madagascar has not created many jobs or opportunities for their people. The growth of Madagascar is not rising.