Love your February

Read below for Winners too!

Dearest UK 1st Impressions,

WOW! Our team is exploding over there all thanks to you sharing the great opportunity we have to those you're meeting as you go along your days.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Val Lawrence who sponsored 5 last month! Amazing!!!! I had to ask a few questions to dive into her mind...

How long have you been a stylist and what have been some of your top experiences as a stylist?
I joined Stella & Dot in March 2012 and my best experience to date was to win the most fabulous holiday in September 2013 to Mykonos in Greece. Bonding with all my peers has been so rewarding throughout my time with Stella & Dot, but especially so, on Glam Getaway.

What has been the most rewarding part of this job? I get such a kick from watching my stylists thrive and promote exciting when you see their figures coming in and give them the fabulous news of promotion.

Does sponsoring come naturally to you? Sponsoring was high on my agenda this year because of letting that side of my business slip in Q4 last year. I had concentrated on selling and did not set time aside for sponsoring . I had a mission from mid December and started my list of potentials. From then on I had at least two sponsoring conversations each day from people I met at trunk shows, past hostesses and keen shoppers. The result : 2 past hostesses , 2 party guests and 1 customer all signed up in January!

What are your top three tips in sponsoring?

Top 3 tips

1. have a sponsoring conversation with every hostess.

2. sow seeds at every trunk show and drop in lots of.... I love my job, so difficult to decide on my jewels to wear each day ! , hard job this going to parties and socialising.

try and ask each guest about their job, free time and drop in the idea of the opportunity. compliment on their style, ability to style etc.

3. favourite phrase is ...this is a NO BRAINER opportunity with no risk, lots of free jewels and work whenever you want! I tend to walk as I talk on the phone and keep it bright and breezy. Never too much detail!

Do you time block your diary and make special time each week to have sponsoring conversations or do you offer it up daily? Now Mondays are to follow up all potential prospects for at least one hour. However, each day in my everyday life of out and about, I don't hesitate to ask! Got my list set for next Monday ....just love that e mail..."you have a new stylist on your team ! "

Any other advice? Good luck and remember, approach with a compliment...what's not to love !

Promote to Star by Hoopla? Yes, YOU can do it if you want it!

Mondays will be your day to call in as Teb helps guide you along the way. Check your lounge for details. Here's the recording from a recent Super Star Call...

Super Stars Week 2:

Recording of 1st Impressions Team Meet Up Via Phone

In Lieu of our Boston Area Monthly Gathering, we decided to meet up via phone--good thing since we're having yet another snow storm which would have definitely deterred stylists. We recorded the call so grab a comfortable seat on your couch tonight and take a listen! Associate Director Kristen Weiss, Star Heather Stephens and I went down our recommendations on how to build your business this month--including:

  • February Booking and Sponsoring Strategies
  • Jumpstart for All

44 0 330 606 0185
Access Code: 740386

Local Meet Ups Can Be Found Here:

We have many 1st Impressions Team Leaders holding local area meetings this week and next. Bring a guest and join the fun! Find the one closest to you here.





Yippee Heather and Jo!! You've got gusto!!


These were lofty numbers to reach for our booking and sponsoring conversations but many of you went for it and for that, I applaud you!

Thank you to these fine women who sent me their impressive lists of outreach. Because of your efforts, that energy will come right back to you with even more bookings and sponsoring conversations this wee--I know it.

Andrea Roell
Debbie Brosnan
Heather Swett
Jo Markwick
Katie Quick
Nina Curreri
Orlagh Pawlyk
Rosemarie Connell
Stephanie Pfieffer

I love all the momentum we've helped each other build up! No doubt many others also worked their phone and in-person magic so congrats to all :)

Who's with me?

Congratulations to our Founding Stylists in our 1st Impressions 100 Club!:

Debbie Brosnan
Heather Swett
Rosemarie Connell

Three CHEERS for making the time to call and track your outreach!!!

I'm going to keep my momentum going this month and WILL reach out to 100 people in February. Who's with me??? Let's not only watch this grow, let's join it!


So many of you wrote to me how great of an exercise this challenge was to you. I completely agree as I did it myself. Surprisingly I found it fun and rewarding to watch myself reach out and beat my number from the day before. Once I got in the swing of making those calls, they became SO MUCH EASIER!

Here's what some of our teammates had to say about the challenge:

"3 yes and booked
One ladies night scheduled at a local restaurant
2 more yes that need to nail down with a date
1 possible online only show
5 not now's
And 44 big fat no's"

"Thank you for this challenge and the much needed extension. I also really needed the accountability to document it. I keep notes everywhere and putting it all in one place highlighted a missed show...had the date but didn't put it in calendar. Now I need to post all of my shows in the lounge."

"I booked 3, was asked to do a corporate office TS (pinning down date/schedule), got some great follow-ups (people who want to host in summer) and may have a new Stylist! Meeting to talk details with her next week."

"It was great and very motivating!

I have been really working hard on booking shows! And sponsoring too! I just signed my second stylist last week!!

I am sitting down now to book another trunk show in the system for march!! And it is in jump start. Woo hoo! For this challenge right now I am at 55 conversations with good results! Since making my calls I have added 6 trunk shows!!!!! I'm running out of space to put them. Amazing problem to have right??"

"I sent notes out to to 52 people and have been working my way through callbacks. Think I've added 3 new shows, with one date still tbc confirmed so far! Have reached out to a further 10 girls about the opportunity with various responses! Working hard and loving it! X"

Well-done my friends!

Hey Guys! Wake up!

I wrote up an email to many guys I know around here, family across the country, and those I've met at various vendor fairs offering my help to take care of their Valentine's guessing. Here's a link to the newsletter if you'd like some ideas:

Make it a great week!

Carrie McGraw
Senior Director & Founding Leader