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Jackson Fields, Editor-in-Chief

Indian lands divided by Dawes Act

When someone is progressive they are wanting to change to something more advanced. The Dawes Act allows the President of the United Sates to survey and divide Indian lands into separate allotments. This will have them progress into farmers, which will help them adapt more to the white mans ways. In the political cartoon it shows that the Dawes Act is eating up Indian lands. Which means, as previously stated, that the white man is trying to change the Indians to our ways.
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The United States joins the war!

The Germans have sunk the Lusitania with a U-Boat! Also, we have intercepted the Zimmerman Note! The note pledged that Germany would help give back land to Mexico! As of April 6,1917, the U.S. is officially part of the war!
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Uncle Sam wants you!

Uncle Sam wants you for the U.S. Army! Any young man that is capable should go to the nearest recruiting station! Help us win the war by enlisting. Uncle Sam is counting on you to do so.
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Babe Ruth sold to new york for $100,000!

Babe Ruth and his "big bang" batting talents have been sold to the New York Yankees for 100,000! Jack Dunn, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, has decided to sell Ruth for a very nice price. Will Dunn regret this choice? We shall see in 1920 when Babe Ruth is playing for the Yankees!

"The Kid" will feature Charlie Chaplin (1921)

Charlie Chaplin plays a tramp who finds an abandoned baby on the streets. Chaplin raises the boy as his own son and names him John. Together they commit petty crimes. However, the mother searches for him. Will the Tramp and John continue they life of mischief, or will John be reunited with his mother?
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inexpensive bayonet with scabbard wanted

I am looking for a bayonet with a scabbard, in good condition, at a low price.

telephone wanted $10-$20

Currently looking for a candlestick telephone that costs from $10-$20.

For sale! - Phonograph $18

Unique phonograph for sale at low price of $18.
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For sale - Electric Washing Machine $60

We are selling an electric washing machine to make washing clothes easier! It is for sale at a low price of $60.
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