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English Bulldogs

English bulldogs

English Bulldogs are a very good dog for your family. They have short legs and are a wide to medium sized dog. The body and head are big with folds over the skull of their head. Their jaw is big and have very have big nostrils. the teeth have a under bite and the tail is curly or straight. The hair is short flat hair and glossy.



Just because of English Bulldogs appearance, don't be scared English bulldogs are very sweet and gentle with kids and adults. they love people and attention. they guard your family from intruders and people they don't know. English Bulldogs are much of a peoples pet and hope to get most of the attention out of their owners. They are a wonderful pet for your family and are very hipper when they are young.


height 12-16 inches

weight males 53-55 lbs females 49-51 lbs

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Heath Problems and Grooming

English Bulldogs have breathing problems and small windpipes. They also have poor eyesight and cheery eye. They have heat strokes in warm weather. Have most cell tumors.The hair on the English bulldog is smooth, short and easy to brush out their hair. Also you have to clean the insides of there wrinkles after they eat.