selective breeding

standard schnauzer

How or when did the breeding of these dog started?

We don't know when did it started but it has been around for several centuries. You can see all different species between several schnauzers. EX: There is mostly black, gray, and white. Sometimes all mixed up.

What was it designed for?

Some schnauzers were breaded to be ratters, guard dogs or all-purpose dogs for German farms. In my experience they are more like house dogs, plus they can be trained easily to help cops or fire-man.
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External physical traits:

They are sturdy built with a good muscle and and plenty of bone.
They have a lot of lashes and eye brawls and a lot of hair though all the body.
Their head is rectangular and enlarged narrowing body, strong short-coupled,and a great flexibility. Once my schnauzer rescued her little puppies from a hill because they were falling trough the side. I got down to help he two

Behavioral traits:

They get calm with the owner and are super protective. They can run really fast but can run faster if they are lighter and don't get tired really fast. I even ran with one of mine and i proved they are fast.

Interesting Facts

They are really good at hiding or sometimes camouflaged in the woods. They are so playful just like kids and it don't matter what age they are. They get conformable with the new owner. Plus they are like a family too you; they take a good care of yore homes.