Marie Curie

By Evan Heymans

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Saturday, Feb. 6th 1904 at 8am-11:45pm

26 Koszykowa

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship


2 time noble peace prize winning Marie Curie is having a show explaining her radioactive discoveries. she will pull apart the mystery of her two newly discovered elements polonium and radium.

Background of Curie

Marie was born in Warsaw Poland on November 7 1867 she was married to Pierre Curie.she studied at Warsaw clandestine. She was also called the pioneer in radioactive science. she was also the first female to win to Nobel peace prizes in two different scientific fields. she died on July 4 1934


  1. Marie Curies has many accomplishments she was the first woman to win a Nobel peace prize.She won one in physics and another in chemistry
  2. .She discovered two new elements polonium and radium.
  3. she was also the first female to teach at Sorbonne university in Paris

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Marie Curie photo by Press Illustrating Service, New York

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