World War 2; The Hunt

Did German Weaponry affect the allied power and what it did.

World War II

World War II was a time when the world was fighting itself. It was the the US, Soviet Union, Britain and France, the allied powers, against Italy, Japan, and most of all Germany, the central powers.


Germany was lead by Adolf Hitler. He was a Nazi-Socialist. He became the chancellor of Germany. Germany was ahead of all the other countries in technology and most of all, weapons.

German Firearms and Artillery Were Dangerous to the Allied Powers.

The German Panzerfaust

The German Panzerfaust was a rocket launcher that could blow up tanks. It was a very effective weapon. Usually, the germans needed at least 2 people to blow up a tank. Now all they needed was 1 person with the panzerfaust.

The panzerfaust was a dangerous weapon because now the Allied powers tanks would be blown up almost immediately. It was very dangerous.

The German Panzerfaust

The Walther Gewehr 43

The Walther Gewehr 43 was a 57 mm and could shoot 30 rounds a minute. It was about 9 lbs and it was more portable than the original model. It had a range of 1640 ft. The Walther was very dangerous because the Germans made some soldiers specialized in sniping political leaders or Jews. So now they could kill people from a much farther, and safer distance.

The German 88

The German 88’s were an artillery gun which was used to attack soldiers. It was very lethal when it was firing while it was being driven around on the back of a truck.

The German 88 would strike fear into the opposing soldiers and lower their morale.

Wrapping Firearms and Artillery Up.

German Tanks Were Very Lethal to the Allied Powers.

The German Landkreuzer P.100 Ratte

The German Landkreuzer P.100 Ratte was an enormous tank bigger than any tank ever seen. It was 115 ft length wise ANd 128 ft with it’s guns forward. It was 46 ft wide and 36 ft high. It had a 280mm gun on it. all it’s rounds were high-explosive. It also had anti-tank guns. If people saw this tank, they would run in fear that they faced imminent death. It was so powerful, that it would need a lot of gas to move any number of feet.

Landkreuzer P. 1000 "Ratte" Tank

The Tiger II

The Tiger II was a powerful tank. it had enough firepower to knock out any tank. It also had enough armour to protect itself from allied firepower.The Tiger struck fear into people’s eyes and was very powerful.

The Panzer IV

Wrapping up Tanks.

Germany produced many tanks for different purposes. Many were used to fight enemy troops, and others were to support their allies. The Ratte and Tiger were battle tanks while the Panzer was a part time support and battle tank. All were important to the war efforts.

The German Aircraft and Navy was Very Powerful

Arado Ar 234 Blitz

The Arado Ar 234 Blitz was a German aircraft that was a bomber for a one man crew. It had 2 20mm guns in the front and 2 20mm guns in the back with a periscope.

Big image

The U-Boat

The main weapon on the U-Boat was a torpedo. There were also mines and deck guns. At the end of the war, they sunk 3000 allied ships all with torpedos.

The U-Boat traveled in a pack with other U-Boats called a wolfpack. They attacked cargo ships that were sent to aid Britain.

Blohm and Voss 141

The Blohm and Voss 141 was a jet fighter. The blohm and voss 141 was a powerful fighter that destroyed bombers in the air.

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Wrapping Up German Aircraft and the Navy

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