Who Am I?

Mythology First Person Speeches

The Task

Research, write, and present a speech about a Greek god or goddess.The speech must include the following details:

• Greek name

• powers/responsibilities

• family relationships

• symbol(s) – this could be several items, including tools or animals.

You must wear a garment similar to what the Greek gods and goddesses wore (a sheet will do). You must bring in at least one of your symbols (a picture will do).

RESEARCH is misspelled. OOPS!

Some of our Featured Presenters

Evaluating Our Work

After the presentations, we asked students to evaluate their work.

1. What are some of the research skills you used in this project?

I used new research websites that I know I can use later when I am doing other things. ~Eleanor M.

2. What did you like best about this project ?
I liked how it was in first person and I also liked how we got to dress up and make our coustumes. It was a really fun project.
~ Charlotte M.

3. What will you work on to improve the next project?

Next project I will try to speak up and express myself more than I did the last project. ~Joshua

I will use more references and maybe check out a book for the project.
~Emma G.

Laura Gatlin, CIT at McCulloch Intermediate School